He wears a light blue shirt, darker blue shorts and

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The syndrome causes people to see and hear things that do not exist, people make up stories, cheap nfl jerseys their vision changes, and they may have unusual eye movements. Physical exams and tests conclude, decreased or abnormal reflexes, low blood pressure, low body temperature and many other indications of the illness (Omnigraphics). In rare cases of severe alcoholism, there is a substantial change in brain tissue due to Alcoholic Neuropathy that will lead to permanent brain damage.

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As for the Halloween costumes, Finn the Human has a very specific look. He always wears his awesome hat, which is something of a cross between a skull and Laplander style, with what looks like some sort of small animal ears on the top. He wears a light blue shirt, darker blue shorts and always has his trusty green backpack in tow..

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