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After the victory the Bears are now sitting at 22 in the rankings. Coach Mike Montgomery doesn’t put a lot of stock in the polls, as he knows this team still has plenty of growing to do. Sophomore Richard Solomon had 8 points to go with 9rebounds as he will need to continue to solid play for Cal to be a player the entire season.

“I told them from the beginning that this would be the most difficult game so far this season and I wasn’t wrong,” said STLFC Head Coach Steve Trittschuh. “I feel we did not play a bad game but we needed to bring more energy and quality to our play. I hope the guys look at this game and get a fire under them to take into the Wednesday game at home.”Saint Louis FC vs.

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The last time a temple existed in Ayodhya, Krishnadevaraya was emperor in the South ruling over the Vijayanagara empire, Nuno da Cunha was governor of Portuguese India, Spanish conquistadors were setting foot in Texas, and Suleiman the Magnificent was inaugurating the era of Ottoman supremacy in West Asia. With the bhoomi pujan on August 5, the long saga of struggle of a people has come to an end. This day falls on the first anniversary of the full constitutional integration of Jammu and Kashmir to India, making it a symbolic date in post colonial India.

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