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2. Redbirds Roster Changing Again As Cardinals Revamp Outfield Thursday, August 9, 2018Another week, another makeover for the Memphis Redbirds roster. Nothing new. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeA third remarked: “This is fantastic, we love you Gove,” another amused person tweeted. “Thank you for this, its made my day so much better than it already was.”Mirror newsletter all the biggest stories in one emailA source close to Michael Gove told the Mirror: “This is obviously embarrassing but we are not sure how it happened.:As soon as we saw this, it was deleted. Many people have access to the account and the password has now been changed and the security upgraded as you would expect.”Earlier this week, the cabinet office minister was trying to defend Dominic Cummings, who claimed to have made a 60 mile round trip from Durham to Barnard Castle to make sure he was fit to drive.Mr Gove insisted he, like Boris Johnson aide Dominic Cummings, had got behind the wheel to see if his eyes were good enough for a long journey.Mr Cummings prompted incredulity when cheap nfl jerseys he tried to explain a 60 mile round trip to a beauty spot by saying he wanted to test his eyesight before a 260 mile journey from Durham to London.But MrGove, who as Education Secretary from 2010 was Mr Cummings boss, suggested he too had taken the unusual step of testing his eyesight through driving.He added: “I not going to pass judgement on other people driving.”Mr Gove, a long term ally of Cummings, said he did not break the letter of the government coronavirus lockdown guidelines and was simply trying to look after his wife and 4 year old son.Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineMr Gove said he only found out that Mr Cummings had travelled to Durham when the story was revealed through the media.Further defending the senior Government aide, Mr Gove said: “People can then form their own judgment about whether or not what they thought he did was wise.

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