Written and directed by Marc Abraham (‘Flash of

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The video, directed by Lance Drake, is more in the way of a sci fi short film starring amputee model and former athlete Lauren Wasser. We see Matt singing along to the song wearing what looks like 3D specs, and he’s being broadcast on some retro screens mounted on the walls. Meanwhile, a frightened looking Lauren crawls on the ground, scrambling to pick up her prostheses, while clutching a huge firearm..

At the centre are four lifelong buddies who are determined not to grow old. Paddy (De Niro) is trying to recover from grief over his wife’s death, while Archie (Freeman) is tired of being fussed over by his son (Ealy) and Sam (Kline) hates living in a retirement community with his spirited wife (Gleason). So they jump on the chance to travel to Vegas for a stag weekend for their pal Billy (Douglas), who is marrying a woman (Blair) in her 30s.

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