, will offer free testing to all county residents,

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wholesale nfl jerseys Out of its 2,492 cases reported on Wednesday, 79 people are hospitalized. One more person has died of the disease, raising its total number of deaths to 138.Hispanic residents account for the most COVID 19 cases in the county, according to the data, which breaks down cases by race/ethnicity. This group, which represents 26% https://www.nflshop365.com of the county’s population, makes up about 970 (or 39%) of the county’s 2,492 cases.Santa Clara County opens new COVID 19 test sitesCOVID 19 tests are now available to all Santa Clara County residents at two new locations in San Jose, county and city officials said Wednesday.Verily Life Sciences, the life science research arm of Alphabet Inc., will offer free testing to all county residents, even if they don’t have symptoms or health insurance, at Police Athletic League Stadium at 680 S. wholesale nfl jerseys

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