Travis McMichael told police that he ordered Arbery

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wholesale nfl jerseys Follow CNNAs Travis and Gregory McMichael attempted to head him off, Arbery turned and ran past the truck of Bryan, who recorded the killing, and Bryan struck Arbery with the side of his truck, Dial said.Bryan told police that at one point he thought Arbery was trying to enter his truck, Dial said, adding that he didn’t know whether that was true but he felt Arbery was trying to escape.Investigators found a swipe from a palm print on the rear door of Bryan’s truck, cotton fibers near the truck bed that “we attribute to contact with Mr. Arbery” and a dent below the fibers, he said.Bryan was working on his porch, defense attorney Kevin Gough countered, and his client didn’t know what the McMichaels were doing.Bryan “sees someone he doesn’t know followed by a truck that he does. He does, with all due respect, what any patriotic American would have done under the same circumstances,” Gough said.Arbery tried to escape, agent saysThough Bryan’s attorney has argued his client took no part in the killing, Dial said Bryan yelled to the McMichaels, “Do you got him?” when he saw them chasing the 25 year old jogger.After yelling out to the McMichaels, Bryan joined the chase, at which point none of the three had called 911, Dial said.Travis McMichael told police that he ordered wholesale nfl jerseys from china Arbery to get on the ground before the shooting, and Gregory McMichael told an officer he had instructed his son, “Don’t shoot,” Dial said.The McMichaels, charged with murder and aggravated assault, appeared wearing face masks from the Glynn County Detention Center a few miles away from the courthouse.Bryan waived his right to appear. wholesale nfl jerseys

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