The yarn is soft, and I love how the fabric feels in

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I know I said this before, but there is something about knitting Caron Simply Soft on Addi needles that makes my heart sing and my needles fly. The yarn is soft, and I love how the fabric feels in my hands as it grows. Maybe that why this hat is going so quickly.

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The No. 1 ranked Jayhawks (27 3, 16 1) have weathered the off the court turmoil to put together one of their best regular seasons in years. They have a chance to win the Big 12 title outright Saturday with a win at Texas Tech or if Baylor loses at West Virginia, and they have the inside track on the No.

Two weeks ago Johan Santana threw a no hitter for the New York Mets. It was his first. More remarkably, it was the first Mets no hitter ever. Wentz had a roller coaster season, but overall, he showed tremendous promise. This was supposed to be a redshirt year for the No. 2 overall pick; instead, he started all 16 games for the Eagles.

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