The question that Kern asked is whether the DBS

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Player of the Year for a second straight year has been a great accomplishment. I couldn have done it without the help of my line, Bragalone said after again being named Class A top statewide player. Line and I have worked hard for these goals and honors we have achieved personally and as a team.

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We also recently reported a postmortem analysis of a Huntington’s disease DBS case (2016) with similar atrophy occurring within basal ganglia structures.(3) Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease both manifest expected atrophy. The volume loss in these cases will be faster and more severe than in control brains. The question that Kern asked is whether the DBS contributes to this atrophy in some unknown way.

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That is my mindset right now. Who coached in the NFL since 1999 and became the youngest Super Bowl winning coach in history in 2008, has seen it all in his two plus decades. Except how this season is unfolding, squirming to succeed under the yoke of COVID 19.

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