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The Closed Beta will also showcase new functions such as Racing Pass and a new Racing School single player mode, where new and experienced players can improve their racing skills.Customization will be a huge part of this Closed Beta with the preview of the new wraps, which allows racers to paint their karts and create unique designs for maximum personalization. Participants will also have access to kart upgrades including choice of license plate and can decorate their karts with a lineup of new accessory balloons and character emotes.Players will also see a revamped User Interface with a new HUD and contextual rear view mirror. The matchmaking experience has also been improved as players will be queued based on their performance in the tutorial.

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So, what does the term mean? The locus of control is considered to be an important aspect of our personalities, and it refers to an individual’s perception about their level of personal control over their own behaviour. Do you think that everything you do depends on yourself, or other factors, like fate, or luck? Locus of control is measured along a dimension from high internal to high external. The concept was developed originally by psychologist Rotter (1966), to which she gave it the full name of Locus of Control of Reinforcement.

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