The board rejected the bids last fall and sent

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Cheap Jerseys china Set WeatherThe $15.9 million price tag is considerably lower than bids that came in last fall. The price with all the alternates came in at $20 million in September. The $15.9 million figure includes “soft costs” such as engineering and professional fees, according to Easton Area School District Chief Operating Officer Michael Simonetta.The board rejected the bids last fall and sent architects and engineers back to the drawing board for a scaled down version of the stadium.”We believe we’re going to get a wonderful stadium, something to be proud of within our budget parameters,” Simonetta said Thursday.The new stadium will have a turf field so the surface can stand up to more wear and tear and be available for more than just football games.The new plan called for metal bleachers instead of precast concrete, but the bids came in so low the board decided to go with precast concrete bleachers after all.The stadium at 12th and Spring Garden Streets in Easton’s West Ward was built in the 1920s and sorely needs to be replaced.Plans for an entrance arch were retained, although the arch is now combined into a structure with the ticket booths.Groundbreaking will be in July, Simonetta said. Cheap Jerseys china

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