Terry Snow with his Australian stock horse Erin: “I’m

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Man would go back to living in log cabins, trapping for food and heating with wood, except with the number of people on Earth now, the forests would be stripped clean in six months, leading us to death and famine. I would love to follow one of these anti oil hypocrites home after a protest, do they walk or take transportation? Do they live in a building with natural gas and electricity? Do they own a phone, car, electronics, have a fridge, stove, heat, packaged food, deodorant, shampoo, eye glasses, clothes other than wool or cotton with no buttons or zippers, again, on and on it goes. Climate protesters need to look at and understand the big picture before they go and block traffic causing more pollution! Can the world get greener, yes, but it is a slow transition using technology to our benefit.

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canada goose coats on sale His wife Ginette’s been coming to this sleepy seaside village for close to 60 years a curve of beach flanked by rocks on one side and the gantry on the other, children jumping into the water which is several shades of blue.Snow, who has an estimated fortune of $1.3 billion and is ranked among the 50 richest people in Australia, is in a daggy pair of boardshorts and a T shirt, looking like any other half retired old bloke at the beach.Terry Snow with his Australian stock horse Erin: “I’m besotted by horses.” Photo: Sitthixay DitthavongThat “stuff up on the hill” is Snow’s latest passion, the world class equestrian centre Willinga Park. Work started about five years ago, the cost has been estimated at $100 million, but in every pocket of the 800 hectares there’s still something going on. New arenas are being built, more accommodation for horses and people, a swimming pool, more gardens.”I never had a masterplan when we started this,” Snow says. canada goose coats on sale

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