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We put in the work, and we earned it. A physical series that left Bruins captain Zdeno Chara with a broken jaw and saw two Blues suspended for head hits, the teams took turns winning the first three games, with Binnington getting pulled from a 7 2 loss in Game 3. St.

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If it follows suit in a bad direction, because it grows older. It still needs to grow older. It has at least 20 years left in it (hince the argument. Most of W2246 0526 record breaking luminosity comes not only from stars, but also a collection of hot gas and dust concentrated around the center of the galaxy. At the heart of this cloud is a supermassive black hole, recently determined to be 4 billion times more massive than the Sun. In the intense gravity, matter falls toward the black hole at high speeds, crashing together and heating up to millions of degrees, causing the material to shine with incredible brilliance.

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