Labor went to the election promising to scrap tax

 em Sem categoria When asked if the ATO would get any of the nearly $1 million owed, Mr Hayes said that was unlikely. Mr Gubas had previously blamed the failure of Autolyse in Canberra on the demise of its Sydney sister store, which closed in March 2015, saying sales in Sydney did not meet expectations. Mr Hayes disagreed, saying after the liquidator closed the Sydney store, Mr Gubas company had been given a second chance by creditors who had agreed to write off debt through a deed of company arrangement help him continue Autolyse in Canberra and trade out of trouble.

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale Today PaperLabor policies on negative gearing and franking credits were major factors in its election loss, a new study finds, with Australians no longer voting according to what they do, but what they own. The 2019 election underlined an important shift from “occupation based voting” towards “asset based voting”, reflected in shares, housing and superannuation, Sarah Cameron and Ian McAllister from the Australian National University school of politics said. Labor went to the election promising to scrap tax breaks for people owning investment properties and shares. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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