In lieu of that I’m taking an open minded stance on

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He FaceTimes everyday or Zoom or something just so that way, that relationship can continue to cultivate and bond and grow. But no, my dad would probably let my son get away with murder at this point. It’s an incredible relationship to see them develop..

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Following Michigan State’s Pinstripe Bowl win against Wake Forest at Yankee Stadium in New York on Dec. 27, White said he was undecided about whether he would come back for his senior season. He announced his decision to leave for the draft on Jan. The Warriors have done a nice job shutting down opposing running games, allowing just 115.5 yards per game. Joey Rogers and Cameron Wood have been tough up front and linebackers Logan Balouris and Connor Morse are having solid seasons. Sam Barrett added an interception last week and Montoursville has an impressive +7 turnover ratio.

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