“I deeply ashamed of my actions

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You can now trick all your friends and family by showing them the pictures and making them jealous LOL. You can get this app from iTunes, get on down there and check it out. This is not as good as the real thing but hey its fun. Janet Anderson, Director of SBPLI’s FLL program, said: “We are pleased to coordinate the Long Island FIRST LEGO League Tournament. It is an extension of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Together these programs are opening a world of technology, science, and engineering to so many Long Island students, helping to build our high tech workforce of the future.”.

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Miller says it’s roots go back to France. “We consider the courthouse a square and that was actually laid out similar to the layout of Pierre Magret’s hometown of Abbeville, France. So we have the Church Square, the Town Square and Courthouse Square.

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