However, whether you loved or hated them, you had to

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The winking weenie couple atop this 1948 drive in have been a beacon to Windy City hot dog lovers for more than half a century. This multigenerational icon is hailed as one of Chicago’s top red hots. Here, proprietary beef hot dogs are served on steamed poppy seed buns and dragged through the garden with yellow mustard, sweet neon green relish, chopped white onion, a kosher dill pickle spear and hot sport peppers as is tradition in the Second City, but this real drive in complete with carhop service also throws on a pickled green tomatoes, as well.

On a November night 47 years ago, I needed a column idea, but had nothing. What to do? Finally, I said to myself, why not write a column of one line observations, something like Jimmy Cannon’s? So I did it, and it worked. Based on the emails I get, readers still like it after all these years or they dislike it enough to let me know about it..

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