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About Us,America’s fastest growing sport violent confluence of punching, kicking, choking and everything other than biting its rogue rebellion to American Airlines Center last weekend. Bored by the collapse of the Texas Rangers and with time to kill before the curtain was raised on Cowboys Stadium, I checked it out. What I got was a sensory overload roundhouse kick to the kisser, an unfiltered infusion of testosterone, tequila ads, tah tahs and tapouts.Bottom line: Your first time at a UFC event will be like your first experience rifling through a Playboy.

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BIG COUNTRY In 1995, Bryant Reeves became the first player ever drafted by The Vancouver Grizzlies, drafted 6th overall out of Oklahoma State University. Reeves was a redneck country boy from Arkansas, he stood 7 feet tall and was listed at roughly 300 pounds. It isn’t clear what the Grizzlies organization saw in Reeves, he was never athletic, he struggled with his weight, and he was destined to be injury prone.

Montreal won 7 4. Ottawa might have fared better if it had begun the game at full strength, said the Journal, adding that the ice became sticky near the end of the game have had a lot to do with their poor work here. Daily Star confidently predicted the hometown Torontos, as the team was known, win in a walk over the Wanderers, though the paper later acknowledged the Montreal roster was as weak as player coach Art Ross future namesake of the league scoring trophy have it believed.

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