Got a kick out of Mad Mike McIntyre take on the HHOF

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Tonight’s game commences at 7:30 PM EST, as previously mentioned, this is historical meeting number 710 between these two esteemed institutions. Gill’s goal, 5 minutes into the 1st period, would prove to be the game winner. If that doesn’t give your team a jump, I don’t know what will? I petition for Hal Gill to receive the Molson Cup for March simply on principle and because I’m tired of seeing that Carey guy get all the accolades, he he..

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wholesale nba jerseys His on ice bona fides are beyond challenge, but, as he wrote in his book Playing with Fire, “Hockey wants to be known as the school good looking, clean cut jock,” and that ain Theo Fleury. Confessions of off ice antics that included excessive boozing, heavy drug abuse, womanizing, gambling and barroom brawling tend to be a turnoff to the purists.Got a kick out of Mad Mike McIntyre take on the HHOF election process, which remains a deep, dark secret. “Because vote totals aren released, we have no idea how close Fleury came, who may have lobbied for his inclusion and who was against it,” he writes in the Drab Slab. wholesale nba jerseys

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