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At just 8.8 ounces (lighter than Nike’s comparable 9.6 ounce Zoom X), it strikes that perfect balance between light and supportive. The upper is an airy engineered mesh, not a knit, so it won’t get soaked or bogged down in rainy conditions. While there’s a medley of foams running along the mid and forefoot, there’s not a substantial amount in the heel to dampen and smooth out the rocker’s rolling momentum.

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Not one perm. I do however get my hair straightened every once in a blue moon, just for kicks. (teeny weeny afro) twice. Maxine Dexter wins four way primary to represent parts of Washington County and Northwest PortlandMaxine Dexter wins four way primary to represent parts of Washington County and Northwest PortlandMaxine Dexter will almost certainly replace longtime legislator Mitch Greenlick. He held House District 33, a highly educated, high income district with an overwhelming Democratic edge in voter registration, for 17 years before announcing earlier this year that he would retire due to health issues. Greenlick died Friday..

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