Conditions allow, she said, can host their ceremony

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Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor in chief of The Knot, said couples who want to keep their original plans but worry that virus restrictions will drive their guest counts down might consider weddings. Conditions allow, she said, can host their ceremony with a group of 25 of their guests while live streaming to the rest of their loved ones, followed by a reception with the same group who attended the ceremony for a few hours before the next group of guests arrive. The second of three deposits due on their venue, Ochoa and Wilkinson are in the process of asking for a majeure clause in their contract so they can get their money back in case virus restrictions remain in place..

Looking at their respective records as leaders, neither was a paragon of the virtues the parties claim to represent. Reagan ran up a huge deficit. Clinton sharply cut welfare programs for the poor. Five years ago, on a July afternoon in Windom, Heather said: “My goal is the Olympics. I want to go to a school in the South, where reaching my goal might be possible. There was a big snowstorm on my birthday this year.

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